Bellwether Bill’s Basic Business Bits for September – Here’s to 20 Years – And Counting!

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I began my career in commercial lending at West Allis Savings Bank in August of 1998. I was hired as a calling officer and trained in loan underwriting, documentation, and structuring.

I was turned loose to generate loans at a time when most banks’ loan officers flew a desk, waiting for loan customers to come to them.

I hit the ground running, and never looked back.

The Next 20 Years is History

I worked for three local banks as a commercial loan officer for nine years, then became a commercial loan broker in 2007. I have been a commercial loan broker ever since, and I have enjoyed (almost) every moment of it.

Economic Changes

Many things have occurred in the economy over the past 20 years:

  • 4 presidents
  • 2 recessions
  • 50 adjustments to the Prime Rate
  • 136 bank mergers
  • Fuel prices nearly doubling

Many things have occurred in my lending career as well:

  • Closed over 450 loans
  • Generated over $120Million in loan funding
  • Managed four different loan portfolios
  • Moved the office four times
  • Had three different business partners

The loans have varied from real estate to development, term loans to lines of credit, construction to hard money, SBA to private alternative lending, factoring to rehab loans, asset-based lending to working capital loans, and everything in between.

The One Constant is This…

I could not envision myself doing anything else for a living for the rest of my life. Some have asked me if I plan to retire, and I say it’s highly unlikely. Hopefully, I have another 20 good years left in me. Besides, old bankers never die, they just lose interest.

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