The target client for Bellwether Funding LLC portrays the following traits: They are not financeable by a bank, have equity to back the loan (typically 30-40%), are highly motivated and need cash quickly. Clients that exhibit these characteristics will find that we are well equipped to help them through using our contacts across the lending industry.
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Bellwether Funding is able to assess each individual situation and present them to lenders that are interested. We have the knowledge base and the connections to whittle down the scope of lenders to those that will find your case appealing, and then work with you to make sure that your deal is completed as efficiently as possible.

Our clients fall into 5 main categories:

  • Companies
  • Partnerships
  • Non-Profits
  • Individual Investors
  • Corporations

Consultation is free at Bellwether Funding LLC. If you have any questions about how we can help you, feel free to fill out the Funding Request to the right or contact one of our loan professionals directly.

Customer Testimonials

“Bellwether Funding did a tremendous job in finding us the best financing package available. They worked tirelessly with many lenders to find the best situation for our company. The people at Bellwether Funding were always available to answer any questions we had about the process and guided us through it very carefully. I would recommend Bellwether Funding to anyone who is seeking funding for their company.”   Mark F. (Owner)

“I want to commend and recommend the expert guidance and counsel that Bellwether Funding have afforded and provided our company. Bellwether Funding takes a personal interest in projects, becomes part of the “team” and is dedicated to ensuring positive outcomes given a company’s mission and objective. I would highly recommend Bellwether Funding’s financial expertise to help solve problems in today’s challenging lending environment.” Eric C. (Assisted Living CEO) – Lexington, KY

“As an owner of a local company here in Wisconsin I tend to have difficulty in finding the right lending connections to help my business grow. When I met Bill at Bellwether funding that was not the case! He made the process of finding the right bank and the funding I needed so simple. Without his services I’m not sure where my company would be today. Thanks again for all the hard work it is greatly appreciated!” Todd R. (Owner) – Brookfield, WI

“Bill Frey recently helped me secure a difficult loan. My property was out of state and he really used all of his skills and resources to obtain the loan. Bill was always positive, pleasant and professional, even under these difficult circumstances. I would gladly recommend his financial services to anyone.” Marsi B.