Wreck Diving & the Art of Decision-Making

Having been a scuba diver for 30+ years, and a shipwreck diver for 15 of those years, I have learned first-hand the art of decision-making. When at the bottom of a lake on a wreck and a problem arises, your decision of what to do can literally mean life or death.

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Wreck Diving

Wreck diving has taught me to follow three simple steps to decide on what to do:

1. Consider all possible options

In diving, your choices are limited but critical. You need to consider what will keep you alive and safe.

2. Consider the likely outcomes of the options chosen

Some outcomes have a higher probability of success than others, but be realistic.

3. Pick the option with the best likely outcome

While this seems like a simple process, your tendency to panic at 200 ft. down in a cold, murky lake with a limited air supply can affect your reasoning. The ability to think clearly can make the process simpler, and with practice, the decision-making process can occur almost instantly.

However, I would recommend you practice this exercise in a dry office rather than the bottom of a lake to see how well it works for you. Much safer that way!

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