Bellwether Saves Another Property from Brink

In the midst of a financial hurricane, Bellwether Funding, LLC of Brookfield is always there to guide their Clients into safe harbor. Bellwether recently organized a $180,000 office building refinance for a local, well established, building owner. The Client had serious health issues that prevented him from working. This resulted in his business owing 6 years of delinquent property taxes, an IRS lieu, a state unemployment lieu, and other various judgments. Without their help, the Client would have faced foreclosure on his property. Bellwether was able to arrange the necessary loans in the nick of time, saving the Client’s business from the brink of disaster.

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Bellwether Funding, LLC has over 85 lenders to refinance commercial loans ranging from investment real estate to unique, special use, retail, office, and industrial properties. Bellwether Funding, LLC helps navigate companies that don’t qualify for bank financing or have growth needs that exceed normal financing programs to welcomed solutions.For further information, please contact Bellwether Funding, LLC at (262) 567-3980 or e-mail [email protected]